(Also known as Golden Orb Weaver, Golden Silk Spider, Banana Spider or Hurricane Spider)

This spider has to be the most beautiful spider in Bermuda, which is saying a lot considering that the use of the words beautiful and spider in the same sentence make most people squirm! In addition to being the most beautiful, the Golden Orb Weaver is the largest spider on the island, reaching widths of up to 6in/15cm (including its legs). Not only are they themselves, large but their webs can sometimes be 20ft/6m wide!

One of the things that make this spider so interesting is the silk it weaves; gold in colour (which is how they got their name) and said to be as strong as Kevlar!

Why nicknamed the hurricane spider? Bermuda folklore says that the Silk Spider spins its web close to the ground in trees and shrubs when a storm is coming.

Latin Name
  Nephila clavipes